Learning Innovation Center Opportunities

Faculty Fellows



The purpose of the Faculty Fellows program is to advance the practice and culture of learning innovation at LBCC and to further develop leadership and facilitation skills of faculty. 



Role Summary

 Faculty Fellows will develop and implement a teaching- and learning-based project with the goal of improving student success. Fellows will engage their colleagues in the project through outreach and mentoring and by developing and disseminating materials and practices. 




 1. Faculty Fellows will participate in a learning community where they will strengthen their leadership and facilitation skills, share ideas, and receive feedback. 

2. Faculty Fellows will develop expertise through a variety of formal and informal methods including: 

    1. Reading and researching
    2. Interviewing and collaborating with colleagues (at LBCC and beyond)
    3. Experimenting with the implementation of ideas and practices in their own teaching, if possible. 

3. Faculty Fellows will promote a culture of learning innovation by:

    1. Developing and disseminating teaching materials, print or web-based reference resources, and/or faculty development opportunities
    2. Outreach to and mentoring of faculty colleagues
    3. Sharing their work with administrators, committees, and councils, as relevant

4. Faculty Fellows will evaluate their work and present their project to the Learning Innovation Council. Fellows are encouraged to collaborate with the Office of Data and Decision Support on their evaluation plans. 

Throughout the fellowship, Faculty Fellows will work closely with the LInC coordinator who will provide structural support for mentoring, resource development, and faculty development opportunities.




Projects will be completed over three terms.

  • Full-time faculty will receive 8-9 credits of release over three terms. 
  • Part-time faculty will receive a stipend for the equivalent of release time. Faculty Fellow work does not count toward the credit limitation for part-time faculty but will count towards hours for step advancement.

Spring 2021: Kick-off meeting for all faculty fellows.
Summer 2021: Complete assigned reading & develop a final project proposal (before the start of the fall term).
Fall 2021: Develop expertise in an area of learning innovation.
Winter 2022: Develop and disseminate materials & practices. Outreach to faculty colleagues.
Spring 2022: Continue to disseminate information and mentor colleagues. Evaluate project.




Interested faculty are encouraged to attend the Faculty Fellow and Faculty Innovator Information Sessions (see email announcement for dates and times). 

All LBCC faculty are invited to submit a statement of interest for the Faculty Fellow opportunity by noon on Monday, February 8, 2021. Nominations of other faculty will also be accepted. Those who are nominated or submit a statement of interest will meet with the LInC Coordinator and develop an application that will be due on Monday, March 1, 2021.

Faculty Fellow applications will be reviewed by the Learning Innovation Council.  Decisions will be announced the week of March 15.

The appropriate division dean will be informed of projects selected by LInC prior to the announcement of fellows. You are encouraged to discuss your project with your dean prior to submitting an application.

Frequently Asked Questions