Achieving The Dream

Math Resources

Math can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to keep students from completing their college goals. LBCC offers options to help students conquer math classes, including:

  • Free tutoring in the college Learning Center
  • Math Angle tutoring - provide help when students need it
  • Tutors at the Math Help Desk - available for drop-in questions

Math Boot Camp and Math Fast Track

For students that test into Math 20, 60 or 65, but feel they should have tested higher but just need a refresher, Math Boot Camp or Math Fast Track may help.

Math Boot Camp is a one-week refresher course designed to students determine if they can test higher. Class meets two hours daily, just before start of the term. Cost is $132.  Students contact the math department to register. Course provides:

  • A review of essential math skills
  • A chance for a higher placement

Math Fast Track is for students who have had algebra, but may have forgotten some of the concepts. Fast Track helps students “fill in the gaps” to test into a higher-level math, and provides a great way to regain skills and move ahead, fast. Benefits:

  • Move through lower division math at a faster rate
  • Individually paced
  • Save tuition by combining lower level classes into one term
  • Focus on skills learned in each class
  • Course material includes skills from Math 20 through Math 95
  • Math placement will be based on new skill level

Developed by the math department, the first Fast Track class was held in the fall of 2013 and showed good results. With 18 students enrolled, data showed that eight students moved up one course placement, seven moved up two placements, and three students moved up three course placements.

As part of the college’s Achieving the Dream initiative, data generated will be used to track student progression and success.