Safety Committee

Safety Compliance Committee Charter



The Safety Committee is mandated by OAR 437-001-0765 as an advisory committee for safety education, hazard communication, hazard identification, and risk assessment and reduction at Linn-Benton Community College and will comply with all rules governing safety committees within OAR 437, Division One. The committee is charged by the college with the purpose of enhancing the safety culture at the college by thinking strategically about college-wide safety and loss prevention issues and to make policy and procedural recommendations to the Vice President Finance and Operations regarding safety and health issues. The College shall respond in writing to all written committee recommendations within a reasonable time.

Safety Education includes but is not limited to providing safety education for employees as needed and appropriate, providing a forum between employees and the college for safety issues, and explaining college and employee rights and responsibilities regarding safety and health issues. Committee members shall promote safety as every employee's responsibility.

Workplace Safety Hazard Communication includes but is not limited to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) acquisition and use, Bloodborne Pathogen training, and training in hazardous materials handling, and effective accident and incident investigations.

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Reduction includes performing routine safety and health risk and hazard assessments for the entire college. This includes items such as providing a resource for hazardous materials handling and disposal, providing emergency assessment and contingency planning, reviewing work-related accident statistics, performing regular work site safety and health inspections and training, and accident investigations.

The Safety Committee shall represent the safety and health concerns of all LBCC locations. Subsidiary committees may be set up at Extended Learning Centers as appropriate and necessary. If and when set up, a representative from each off site location will attend Main Campus safety meetings (at least) quarterly to enhance and promote communication, information sharing and a shared vision among the groups.




The committee shall be composed of an equal number of employer and employee representatives or, if agreed, may have a greater number of employees than employers. Employee representatives shall be volunteers or appointed by their peers. There will be no fewer than four members and a chairperson will be elected by the members. Linn-Benton Community College has elected to have two management, two faculty and two classified employees serve as rotating members serving either two or three year (renewable) terms. In addition the following standing members shall serve on the committee: Director of Facilities, Director of Safety & Loss Prevention; and Director of Human Resources.  Members have the responsibility of maintaining regular communication with their area of representation in Safety Committee activities. Members are responsible for active participation and regular attendance.

Annually, prior to November, a Chairperson will be elected from the membership. A Recorder will be elected from the membership. The Director of Safety & Loss Prevention is responsible for additional administrative support and will act as official liaison.




Meetings or activities will be held at least monthly. Special meetings may be called by the Chair. Quarterly safety inspections will be conducted as a function of the committee.



Agenda and Minutes

The agenda will be compiled by the Chairperson and will be mailed out at least one week prior to the meeting. Minutes will be posted to the Public Safety website, Safety Committee bulletin board, and sent to each Dean and Director for posting or otherwise disseminating to his/her division or department.




Action by the Committee will occur by a majority of those members present.



Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc committees may be appointed when deemed appropriate and may consist of committee and non-committee members.

Adopted April 15, 1998

Revised August 21, 2000

Revised February 27, 2002

Revised March 3, 2014