Emergency Plans, Teams, Services

Public Safety Support Services

Linn-Benton Community College is dedicated to providing necessary support services to students, staff, and visitors in the event of a crime, emergency, or disaster. The assistance includes, but is not limited to, a variety of counseling and support services both on campus and through the community and county. Counseling personnel will adhere to all American Counseling Association (ACA) rules of ethical standards.

As soon as the initial reporting of any incident has taken place and the proper safety, security, and administrative steps have been implemented, informal group counseling should be made available to any campus citizen who needs it. During regular, daytime operational hours, Counseling (or the acting ACE Counselor) will initiate informal individual and group counseling or support sessions utilizing available classrooms. Counseling will assist wherever there is the most need.

Counseling services should be made available to any individual needing them for at least 48 hours or more after a crime, emergency, or disaster occurs or until the need has subsided. Some individuals may require longer-term individual counseling and the campus counselors will either schedule those appointments or assist the individual in making initial contact with the local mental health facility. When services are going to be provided for an extended period of time, fliers should be posted and faculty, staff, and students should be notified of the locations and hours of the services.

The college recognizes that everyone handles emergency situations in different ways and at different times. The purpose of the support services is to provide each individual with as much of a sense of safety, security, and support as possible.