Emergency Plans, Teams, Services

Personal Preparedness

Linn County Disaster Personal Preparedness Booklet (click to view the Linn County guide to personal preparedness)

A disaster or emergency can happen at any time. You can be prepared to take care of yourself and your family by making plans before a disaster happens. For example, you can make an Emergency Kit to put in your car in case a disaster happens when you are not at home. Other things that you can do are:

  • Make an Emergency Kit for your home
  • Make a household/family plan for what to do in an emergency
  • Know how to shut off your gas and power
  • Talk to your neighbors about how you can help each other in an emergency

Practice what to do in different emergency situations with your household members each year: “Drop, Cover and Hold on” in an earthquake, for example. Practicing helps everyone remember what to do in an emergency. Examine and update your emergency kits during your drill.

In an emergency, neighbors and friends are generally your first and best source of help. Emergency responders like police, fire, public works and medical services are likely to be overwhelmed for the first hours or days of a large disaster. During that time, neighbors, friends, your faith group or other organization can be a big help. Make sure that you have connections with others who can check on you … and that you check on others too!

This book will help you make a disaster plan and prepare an Emergency Kit for you and your family. It includes lists for important phone numbers and other information. It also has contact names and numbers for people who can help you prepare for a disaster.