Emergency Plans, Teams, Services

In case of emergency, Campus Public Safety will immediately contact people shown in the diagram below (these staff will serve on the Emergency Management Team).
Incident Command Team

Additional Deans/Directors & Associate Deans will be contacted as needed:

  • Dean, Arts, Social Systems, & Humanities
  • Dean, Instruction
  • Dean, Science/Engineering/Math
  • Dean of Student Development
  • Registrar

Other College emergency teams include

  • Bomb Threat Search Team
  • Building Managers
  • Building Emergency Coordinators
  • Evacutrac Teams
  • Facilities Team
  • HazMat Spill Response Team
  • Public Safety Team
  • CampusThreat Assessment Team
  • Campus CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
  • Crisis Response Team (post emergency response - climate recovery)
  • Traffic Control Team