Public Safety

Emergency Plans, Teams, Services

Protect people first

1. protect yourself from harm

  • protect people from further harm (secure them, get them away from harm),
  • get help to injured (call 911 and/or Public Safety),
  • treat and comfort victims until help arrives (First Aid, CPR).

2. Protect property second

  • protect valuable records and papers; get your keys/wallet/purse,
  • protect equipment and buildings.

3. Plan on resuming normal operations ASAP

  • get information, survey building for damage, get cost estimates,
  • develop plans to reopen for normal operations.

Emergency Response Plan_2020-2021

Event Specific Plans

Emergency Response Poster Reference

Employees who become aware of an event, situation, or condition that poses an imminent threat to health, lives, or safety of individuals should immediately call 911, then call the Campus Public Safety Office at (541) 917-4440, Ext. 411, or 4440, or directly call the officer on duty at (541) 926-6855. If not an imminent danger, contact Public Safety first to assess the situation.

If time permits, employees may want to notify their immediate supervisor and/or other appropriate LBCC personnel. While on the scene, the highest-ranking employee should be in charge until relieved by an administrator, Public Safety, or emergency personnel.

If safe to do so, the employee should secure the area until a Public Safety officer arrives. However, employees should not place themselves at additional physical risk.

After Public Safety has arrived, the employee should wait for additional emergency responders (police officer, EMT's, Fire Department, etc.) to provide his/her report about the situation unless directed by Public Safety to leave the scene.

In any situation where the police, emergency medical personnel, and/or fire departments are involved, they will share command of the event with LBCC's Incident Command staff. College administration will be notified of the incident/emergency.

Refer all media contacts to Institutional Advancement at (541) 917-4209. Do not respond to questions from the press; encourage staff and students to not directly contact the news media.

NOTE: Individuals needing evacuation assistance should notify their instructor or supervisor. On a regular basis, instructors and supervisors should familiarize themselves with the needs of any student or employee who may require assistance in an emergency.