Emergency Plans, Teams, Services

Communication Procedures


Campus Public Safety should be called immediately.

  1. All official communication should be channeled through the President (or, in the absence of the President, a Vice-President or designee). This person will likely be the Incident Commander for LBCC. The media (TV, newspapers, etc.) will be directed to the Public Information Officer (PIO) for all external news releases.
  2. In the event of non life-threatening situations, email messages, and/or public address announcements, will be sent from the Campus Public Safety Office to all staff and/or students. It will include a brief, factual statement of the event, the steps that have taken place to address the issue, as well as any further actions to be taken.
  3. When necessary, additional update communications will be sent via e-mail to all necessary institutional groups.
  4. In cases of extremely sensitive situations, the deans, faculty, and department heads may be asked to take a few moments to present the situation and to offer the opportunity for a brief question and comment period. Individuals should be monitored for signs of distress or the possible need for counseling services. Those needs should be communicated immediately to the proper individuals.
  5. Steps will be taken to ensure that all part-time, evening, and out-of-reach faculty and staff are informed of any events that affect the campus community.
  6. E-mail, cell phone, and web notification will take place concerning college emergency operations.



LBCC Emergency Alert

Notification of large scale emergencies at LBCC may be communicated in a number of ways.

We encourage all staff and  students to enroll in and use LBCC email for ease of communication and to
also enroll in both ReGroup and the Linn-Benton Alert (the latter managed by Linn and Benton County
Sheriff's departments) systems. The ReGroup and Linn Benton Alert systems will send voice and text messages to cell phones, land lines, and email addresses. Individuals are responsible to sign up for these "free to you" services.


For staff and students to receive text and/or voicemail alerts, simply provide your cell phone number in your Web Runner account information.

* Log into Web Runner from LBCC’s home page
* Select Personal Information
* Select Address, Phone, Text, and Email
* Click on “Update” or “Add” under Texting Number and add your cell phone number.
* Select “Emergency and College Related” if you want to get both emergency messages and important college-related   text  alerts. Select “Emergency Only” if you only want to receive emergency notifications.
* Click Submit.

If friends, parents, family members, or business contacts would like to receive these notifications, sign up for ReGroup.  

Linn-Benton Alert

By signing up for the Linn-Benton ALERT Emergency Notification System, you will receive time-sensitive emergency and safety alerts from public safety officials in the county where you work or live. You may choose how and where to receive alerts, including your cell, home, and/or work phone; by email, text messages, or TTY (hearing impaired devices) and more.
To subscribe, go to Linn County Sheriff's Office webpage - Linn-Benton Alert System Stay connected, stay informed, play it safe!