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Working from Home

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software transfers files reliably and efficiently between computer systems. Using FTP, you can access any file on your LBCC server that you would normally have rights to when you're on campus. For instance, those stored in your personal I:\ drive, or those in your department G:\Groups folder.

Quick start:

If you just want the server name and other related information on how to get your FTP client software set up here's what you need: (use port 22 for this site, and be sure the Connection Type is "SSH/SFTP")

You may need to select "passive transfers or PASV" if you're having trouble getting connected.

ID and Password:  Use the same ID and Password you use after you turn on your campus computer and login to the LBCC network.

Web Client Pro. FTP Access for your web browser:

A feature of our Serve-U Windows FTP server software is the ability to use a regular web browser to connect securely via SFTP. Type, provide your LBCC network login name and password. (Your network login name and password is the same one you use to log in to your computer when you are at one of the LBCC campuses).

Transferring files from your I drive and Groups folders to or from your local computer is easy. We recommend you enable Web Client Pro from the icon in the upper right of the web client interface. This new java based web client enables multiple concurrent file transfers where the old web client only allowed one file upload or download at a time.

You should have the latest Oracle Java Run Time Environment from

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For users that prefer to use regular FTP client software  to access their home or group folders, we recommend the following software: 

Core FTP and FileZilla are two free FTP client programs supported at LBCC:

Download Core FTP  (choose, and then click Download and "Save File") 

CoreFTP setup instructions for LBCC (PDF file)

Download Filezilla  (select 'Download Now' under Windows (or click 'show additional download options' for other operating systems) then click "Save File")

FileZilla setup instructions for LBCC (PDF file)

Once FTP software is installed on your home computer, all you need to know is your website Host Name, your ID and Password:

Host Name:

ID and Password:  Use the same ID and Password you use after you turn on your campus computer and login to the LBCC network -- you don't have to remember another password!

Staff Group Directory (G:\Groups) Access:
Please note that you have the ability to browse your group folders via LBCC's FTP server. This means that, in addition to your I: drive files, you can get to folders that show up on your G: drive from off campus. In order to access the group folders, look for the folder called "Staff Group Directories" in the remote folder list that you see when first connecting to the FTP server.  Lebanon and Sweet Home users will see a slightly different structure labeled "Leb Group Directories" and "Sweet Home Group Directories" respectively.

Dropbox Folder Access:
We have enabled a virtual folder listing similar to the G: Drive Groups folder for the student Dropbox folders. You should see a folder called  "Dropbox Directories" in your folder list and, if you have access to this folder, you will be able to see folders underneath the main Dropbox Directories folder.