SPAM, Virus & Hoax Information

HOAX Information

Fact or fiction? Listed below are just a few websites that can help you decide.  These sites list the various hoaxes that have circulated on the internet. You can always contact the Staff Help Desk if you have concerns about an email message or phone call

McAfee  - searchable list of hoaxes

Hoax Slayer  - index of internet hoaxes

Intel Security - "Could You be Hooked by a Phishing Scam?"  video [2:24]

Snopes - fact-check site (use Search box to narrow results)

If you suspect the validity of a warning from a friend or an e-mail: 

  • Please check the above sites before acting on the warning if you are not certain whether the warning is a hoax or not.
  • Do not pass potential hoax information on to others before verifying its authenticity.
  • Inform those who pass hoax material to you in order to reduce the spreading of the hoax.