Anti-Virus and Computer Virus Information

How to Download Virus Updates

"Definitions" are files that Symantec Endpoint Protection uses to keep your LBCC computer safe from the newest threats. Your computer should automatically download the latest "Definitions" file without your intervention, but it is a good idea to occasionally open Symantec and check your definition dates (see "Is Your Virus Protection Current?" ).

IMPORTANT: If your Symantec definitions are not getting updated automatically, please contact the Staff Help Desk so we can fix it.

If the "Virus and Spyware Protection" definitions date is older than 2 days (see below), click "LiveUpdate..." on the left and a download of current definition files for all installed security components will begin. Either wait a moment to confirm success, or open Symantec later to confirm that current Definitions are now in use.

"Proactive Threat Protection" and "Network Threat Protection" definitions are often older than 2 days (as shown), but should never be more than 30 days old. The "LiveUpdate..." download will include definitions for both of these security components.

Symantec virus definition dates