Anti-Virus and Computer Virus Information

Does My Computer have a Virus?

First make sure your computer has the most current Virus Definitions available:

Is Your Virus Protection Current?
Then, scan your computer:

How to Scan Your Computer for Viruses(Just because a virus was passed to your computer, it doesn't mean the virus has successfully infected it. LBCC's cyber-security systems are very good at detecting all kinds of malware and rendering them harmless before they are able to infect your files.

3 ways to check if a virus has been passed to your computer:

Open Symantec Endpoint Protection
by right-clicking the yellow Symantec icon on the right end of the Windows Desktop taskbar (see below) or Search for 'Symantec' on your Windows 10 computer. Symantec icon on Systray

1) Select "View Quarantine" (see below) to see if any files have been quarantined
(this computer has no files in Quarantine -- either because they have been deleted, or because no files have been placed there by Symantec).

Symantec 'View Quarantine' window

(It is perfectly okay to delete quarantined files.)

2) View Logs -- 'Risk' and 'Threat' logs to discover recent virus protection activity on your computer.Symantec

3) Call the Staff Help Desk