Network Login Help

Username and Password Help


Active Directory network usernames

Your Active Directory network username is your LBCC ID which will be your nine digit X or 9 number that you use to log in to webrunner. If you don't know your LBCC ID you can find it by logging into with your SSN and pin number or by calling the Staff Help Desk at (541) 917-4333. If you are staff or faculty you can find your LBCC ID by going to your current pay stub Detail. Your LBCC ID is listed as "Banner ID" right below the college address. 


Active Directory network passwords

Active Directory passwords must be at least 12 characters or more. More characters are better and, for some people, a phrase that means something to you and is longer than 12 characters is a great way to create a secure password. Your password is case-sensitive and can contain up to 128 characters. Valid characters are Upper and lower case letters, numbers and keyboard symbols.  

** Your password cannot contain you username, and should not  contain  easy to guess information such as your birthdate,  your name or term information like Fall2014. Your password must contain at least 1 number and at least two letters. **

For security reasons, Active Directory Network passwords expire every 360 days. So if you just changed your password it will expire 360 days from that point.

You will be reminded via email when your password is about to expire and given up to two weeks notice to change it. If you wait the entire two weeks you will be forced to change your password before logging on to your computer the next time. For more information see How do I get notified when my password will expire if I am not on campus?

When logging in if you enter the wrong password more than 10 times your account will lock for 30 minutes and you will either need to use our LBCC Password Portal or call the Help Desk to get it unlocked. When prompted to change your password, it is best to respond by clicking 'Yes', and then follow the prompts to change it. 


Changing your Active Directory password from a campus computer

Follow these instructions to change your Active Directory password any time you like if you are logged in to a campus computer:

Press the CTRL + Alt + Del keys simultaneously.

Select 'Change a Password'
Enter your old password in the Old Password field.
Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields.
Click OK

The next time you log in you will use the new password you just changed.


Changing your Active Directory password  using web browser

This method is great for both on or off campus staff. Use a current version of Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers** to go to the LBCC Password Portal. This is LBCC's Password Manager Application and is available on or off campus so staff working from home can change their passwords too. You must first enroll in the system to use this feature.