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LBCC Single Sign On Self Service Password Reset Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we implement the password management system?

Users that have an expiring Active Directory network password are notified with a pop up balloon several days prior to their password expiring if they physically log in to a computer at one of the LBCC campuses. However if they are using a website from off campus that utilizes AD for authentication such as the instructor web sites and their password is about to expire or has expired they have no way of knowing why they can't be authenticated.
Users can change their AD password from off-campus using a web browser and navigating to You must claim your SSO account before you are able to use the self service password features of the system. See claiming your Single Sign On account for more information. If you've added a cell phone number to your profile in the SSO portal you can elect to have the system send you a text with a code that you can use to reset or change your password. Alternatively, you can elect to have the system send you an email with the password reset code. 

Can I use this system from on campus too?

Absolutely. The main feature of the system is providing access to other Single Sign On enabled web applications such as Campus Logic,and DegreeWorks. We are adding more applications to our SSO system in the coming months so stay tuned for more applications like Moodle and Webrunner to become SSO enabled. 

Does this system change my Google Apps password too?

No. The LBCC Single Sign On system does not change your Google Apps user account password. You must still change that account separately.

How do I get notified when my password will expire?

You will get three e-mails sent to your LBCC email account from the Single Sign On system alerting you that your password will expire soon. The intervals are 14 days, 7 days and 1 day prior to password expiration. The e-mails will come from or so please add these to your allowed sender list in your e-mail client. 

Can students use this system?

Absolutely! All students and staff members can use the Single Sign On system to change or reset their password. 

Which browsers work best with this software?

Any modern browser application will work with the LBCC Single Sign On system. 

Is this system secure?

Yes. We force a secure connection when using this system either on or off campus. All password answer information is encrypted. The system interfaces securely with Active Directory to perform password changes, resets and unlock operations.