Network Login Help

Active Directory Network Login Help

LBCC uses Microsoft's "Active Directory" network system. Your Active Directory account is what logs you in to your LBCC workstation and provides access to your files, shared printers, and other network resources. All LBCC workstations are a part of Active Directory. To login to an LBCC computer, or to your Instructor Website, you need to provide your network username and password.

Your username is your LBCC ID which will be your nine digit X or 9 number that you use to log in to webrunner. If you don't know your LBCC ID you can find it by logging into with your SSN and pin number or by calling the Staff Help Desk at (541) 917-4333. If you are staff or faculty you can find your LBCC ID by going to your current pay stub Detail. Your LBCC ID is listed as "Banner ID" right below the college address.

Your password is case-sensitive, and must be at least 12 characters or more in length. It expires every 360 days.


Windows 10:
To login on a workstation using Windows10 press CTRL+Alt+Del simultaneously and Type your current network password, then press the Enter key (or click the arrow). If another username is already there, select "Other User" and enter your LBCC ID for the username and your current network password.

Windows 10 Login Screen

Having trouble? Contact the Staff Help Desk, or try one of the following: