Network Login Help

Claiming your My LB Single Sign-on Account

Click to claim your My LB single sign-on account

Step 1: After clicking on the link you will be asked to provide some information:

Enter user information screen

If you do not know your claim code please click here.

If you do not know your LBCC ID number please click here or contact the Help Desk:

Step 2: You will be asked to agree to the LBCC Acceptable use policy.

acceptable use policy screen

Step 3: You will see your Username which should be your LBCC ID number

User ID screen

Step 4: You will be asked to select and provide 4 answers to secret challenge questions that will be used later when you need to change the password or if you need to recover your account.

secret question screen

You do not have to use the four questions that are displayed. There are several questions you can choose from the drop-down list.

secret questions drop-down

If you should forget your password, two of your four challenge questions will be randomly chosen to verify your identity or to reset your password.

Step 5: You will be asked to create a password.

password reset screen

The password policies are displayed on the right, and it will enforce those policies.

  • Passwords are required to be a minimum of 12 characters long.
  • Passwords will be valid for 360 days.
  • The Password needs to contain at least 1 number and at least 2 letters.
  • The password cannot be a previously used LBCC network password.
  • The password cannot contain your username.

IMPORTANT: This will be your new LBCC network login password as well as your My LB single sign-on password! The longer passwords make our network more secure.

After successfully claiming your My LB single sign-on account you will be taken to your account profile.

(Please contact the Help Desk if any of the information seen here is inaccurate.)

Step 6: Enter a mobile number into your profile.

mobil number field

This will allow us to verify your identity and send a code to your cell phone if you ever forget your password. Once you enter a cell number that number will receive a verification number.

Enter the verification number into the provided field on the pop-up so that we can verify that we have the correct number.

At that point just close the window - You have successfully claimed your My LB Single Sign-on account.

After successfully claiming your single sign-on account you will have access to what we refer to as the "My LB Single Sign-On" portal.

SSO application portal

(Do not bookmark this link, There is extra information in the URL that will not allow the system to authenticate your account properly. A link to the "My LB Single Sign-On" portal can be found under the Quick Links on the LBCC campus web page)