Technical Guide

Minimal Technical Skills

  • Basic computer skills
  • Experience navigating the Internet and using an Internet browser
  • Ability to send and receive email and file attachments
  • Basic knowledge using a word processing program
  • Ability to navigate among multiple open windows
  • Ability to open, close, save, and manage files and attachments
  • Ability to install or have access to someone to assist with installing simple programs
  • Knowledge of how to adjust Internet browser and computer security settings

Also needed is basic familiarity and access to any additional course specialized hardware or software (see your instructor or course information for these requirements).

If you feel that you may struggle with these skills, consider enrolling in a face-to-face course.



Minimal Computer Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 or newer; Mac OS X 10.3 or newer
Memory: 2 GB of RAM
Disk Space: enough to allow upload and download of course files.
Internet Connection: Fiber, Cable, Satellite, or DSL

Internet Browser: While Moodle should function properly when accessed via any modern web browser, we have found that Moodle works best in Google Chrome and Firefox 35.0 or newer.

Browser Notes: Java/Javascript and cookie settings must be enabled and browser security should be set to "Medium."

Be sure to keep Java and your browser(s) updated.

We do NOT recommend purchasing a Chromebook as they are very limited in processing power and do not support Java applets.  We also do NOT recommend taking an online class with only access to a smartphone.  Although Moodle has an iPhone and Android app, these programs are limited in what they can do and do not make for a robust experience.



Internet Service Providers & Access

In order to take advantage of the features and tools within our eLearning technologies, you will need a reliable high-speed (broadband) internet connection. A wireless connection is NOT recommended for test-taking. Students may visit campus and center computer labs and wireless connections for free on site web access.

Note: Service drops in your Internet provider's connection to your home may require you to reconnect to your online course.  If you experience frequent drops in service, check with your ISP for issues.  For security reasons, LBCC Moodle is configured to drop your session after 3-hours of inactivity.



eMail Accounts & Software

LBCC provides all registered students with a Google Apps for Education account which includes eMail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and more.  The official correspondence channel between LBCC and students is the "Preferred eMail" address and noted in our Student Information System (SIS).



Final Notes

Please realize that despite meeting all technical recommendations, some students may encounter difficulty accessing course content from their computers. If you decide to take an online course it is recommended that you locate an alternate computer (library, friend, family, LBCC, etc) in advance, should you encounter difficulties that cannot be resolved with your instructor and assistance from LBCC Student Help Desk.

Some classes may have other system/software requirements, so be sure to check early on with your instructor for individual course requirements.