Future eLearning Students

Are You Ready?

The following information will help you to decide whether taking eLearning courses are for you. To be a successful online student, you should have familiarity with basic online skills. Online courses may require regular participation several times each week. Please examine all course materials carefully and set up a study schedule for yourself.



Basic Skills

  • Experience navigating the Internet and using an Internet browser.
  • Browser Notes:
    Be sure to keep Java and your browser(s) updated.
    Verify your Java version.
    Chrome & Firefox are the recommended browsers.
  • Ability to send and receive email and file attachments.
  • Navigate among multiple open windows.
  • Ability to open, close, save, and manage files and attachments.
  • Ability to self install, or have access to someone to assist with installing simple programs.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Acrobat.



Getting Started