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How to Create a GMAIL Filter for PUBLIC-LB replies

These instructions are intended to introduce the power of gmail filters. This filter acts ONLY ON REPLIES to messages addressed To: PUBLIC-LB, and responds by keeping  the matching messages from your inbox and  placing them in a new label where you can view them later. Be sure to test any modifications you make to these instructions.

1) Login to your Gmail account.

2) In the Search box above your email click the Search drop-down menu triangle.Gmail search bar, with drop down highlighted

3) Type Public-LB in the ‘To’ box.

4) Type Re: in the ‘Subject’’ box.

Gmail Filter set-up form

5) Click ‘Create filter’.

Creat new highlighted 

6) In the Filter match actions window create a new label.

7) Select the drop down next to ‘Apply the label’ then click ‘New label…Create a new label   form

8) Name the new label PUBLIC, and click Create.

Making a new label form

9) Check ‘Apply the labeland click Create Filter.

 Filter action form