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The lofty mission of Linn-Benton Community College, and our strategic goal of Equity demand an intentional approach to recruitment and hiring. If we are to engage in an education that truly enables ALL OF US to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from the CULTURAL RICHNESS and economic vitality of our communities, we have work to do to ensure our workforce reflects the demographic makeup of our communities. Our students have shared this with us loud and clear, that..."if I see more people who look like me it would add to my educational experience and make it more likely that I stay and complete my degree/certificate." Statistically speaking, colleges with more diverse workforces have lower rates of attrition and turnover among students of color. Our hiring practices not only determine whether we successfully recruit the best talent, but also signal whether our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion is alive and well.

This training introduces hiring managers to structural changes that are intended to mitigate our human tendency toward unconscious bias in favor of "sameness”. This is just the beginning of a collaborative dialog that we hope will include all levels of staff, and focus on how we can recruit and hire in a way that supports learning and completion for all.