Human Resources

Benefits for Annually Renewed Contracted Employees

Benefits for employees subject to collective bargaining agreements shall be governed by their respective agreements; failing such provisions, board policies and administrative rules shall apply.

LBCC provides a comprehensive benefit package designed to provide employees and their eligible dependents with a broad range of employer and employee paid benefit options. All annually renewed contracted employees are eligible to enroll in Medical, Dental and Vision insurance. Employees may choose to opt out of coverage on medical, dental and vision plans if they are covered under another employer-sponsored, comprehensive group health plan. To discuss this option, please contact the Benefits Specialist at (541) 917-4424 or on campus at ext. 4424.

Eligible dependents include the employee’s legal spouse or domestic partner if he or she meets the eligibility criteria on the Domestic Partner Affidavit, provided by Oregon Educators Benefits Board (OEBB). The employee’s children or the eligible domestic partner’s children, if they are under age 26, and meet all dependent eligibility criteria, or if a court or administrative order requires you to provide health insurance.

Per OEBB Administrative Rules (OAR 111-080-0055), OEBB must complete a Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV) review for each participating entity at least once every five years. The Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV) review includes all dependents (spouses/partners/children) active in the MyOEBB system even if the individual is not enrolled in any coverage. OEBB provides the Dependent Eligibility Verification Program Documentation Requirements document along with complete instructions to each employee required to participate in the OEBB DEV review. Employees are encouraged to compile required documentation early in order to be ready for the DEV.

Effective Date of Benefits
If the first day of employment, in a benefits eligible position is on the 15th of the month or before, benefits become effective the first day of the following month. If the first day of employment, in a benefits eligible position is on the 16th of the month or after, benefits become effective the first day of the second month following employment. Example: A contracted employee hired August 15 will be eligible for benefits effective September 1. A contracted employee hired August 16 will be eligible for benefits effective October 1.

Notice of Qualifying Status Change (QSC)
All covered employees are required to notify Human Resources within 31 days of "life change or qualifying status change.” These are changes that may affect your benefits, such as marriage, domestic partnership, birth, or adoption of a child, dependent loss of eligibility, divorce, and end of domestic partnership, etc. Failing to provide notice of life change or qualifying status changes may affect eligibility for coverage.

LBCC provides the following benefit options for all eligible Classified, Confidential, Faculty, and Management and Exempt staff:

Mandatory Benefits
Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Group Life and AD&D Insurance
Group Dependent Life
Direct Deposit
Employee Assistance Program

Optional Benefits
Accident Insurance
Cancer Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts
Long-Term Care Insurance
Optional Life Insurances
Short-Term Disability Insurances

Additional Benefits
Paid Holidays
Family Connections Assistance
Emergency & Personal Leave
Leaves of Absence
Paid Leave & Sick Leave
Pools for Sick Leave
Tuition Waiver
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Athletic Events Discounts
Bus Pass
Educational Software Discount
Library Card

PERS/OPSRP Retirement System
Social Security
Tax Sheltered Annuities (403b)

Insurance Rates
For information on premium rates and employee costs contact the Benefit Specialist in Human Resources at (541) 917-4424.

LBCC is a member of the Oregon Educators Benefits Board. All group health insurance plans are provided under the rules and provisions governing OEBB. You may access member information at

Open Enrollment
The college’s annual Open Enrollment event is your only opportunity to add eligible dependents to medical coverage (unless you have a qualifying event during the plan year).
In the event your dependents lose their medical coverage because of termination of employment or involuntary termination of another plan's coverage, you may enroll the dependents under your medical plan provided you do so within 31 days of the date the other coverage ends.

Medical Insurance
Eligible employees may choose from medical insurances plans offered by the College through Oregon Educators Benefits Board including MODA and Kaiser. Contact the College’s Benefit Specialist at (541) 917-4426 for assistance.

Dental Insurance
Eligible employees may choose a dental insurance plan through MODA, Willamette Dental, or Kaiser Permanente (available to Kaiser medical subscribers only). You may view the dental plan summaries and booklets by visiting the OEBB at

Vision Insurance
Eligible employees may choose vision insurance plans through Vision Service Plan (VSP), MODA or Kaiser Permanente (available to Kaiser medical subscribers only). You may view the vision plan summaries and booklets by visiting the OEBB website at

Long-Term Disability Insurance
Long-term disability insurance provides employees and their families with financial protection in the event the employee becomes disabled. Subject to medical certification and approval, the disability insurance benefit pays up to 60% of base earnings, after a 90-day wait period. In an effort to make your benefit program more comprehensive and responsive to your needs, LBCC is providing this insurance to you at no cost.

Optional Short-Term Disability Insurance
The college offers supplemental (optional) short-term disability insurance options through OEBB - The Standard Insurance Group and through American Fidelity. Short-term disability provides financial protection in the event an employee becomes disabled. Subject to medical certification and approval, the benefit becomes effective after a shorter wait period than long- term disability.

Life and Accidental Death Insurance
The college provides group life and accidental death and dismemberment coverage for eligible staff. Premiums are paid by the college with no cost to the employee. Both Life and AD&D insurance coverage provides a $50,000 benefit. To ensure coverage, please be sure you have listed your eligible dependents, domestic partners & domestic partner’s dependents with Human Resources, even if they are not covered under the group health insurance plan.

Optional Life Insurance - The Standard Insurance Group
The college offers supplemental (optional) life insurance for employees and their eligible dependents who wish to purchase insurance in addition to the group life insurance provided by the college. You may apply for optional life coverage when newly hired or with evidence of insurability during the college’s annual open enrollment period.

Optional Life Insurance - American Fidelity
Optional term life insurance is also available for employees and their eligible dependents through American Fidelity as a payroll deduction.

Flexible Spending Accounts (Section 125 Plans)
Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code allows for establishment of individual, non-taxable accounts to pay for expenses associated with certain types of health and dependent care expenses. Enrollment in Section 125 is offered to College employees on a plan year basis for qualified health care and dependent care expenses incurred between October 1 and September 30 of the following year. Employees must re-enroll each plan year to participate in Section 125. Human Resources will facilitate an open enrollment process for Section 125 each year, in conjunction with Open Enrollment for all other employee benefit plans.

The Flexible Spending Accounts allows you to reduce your taxable income by utilizing the following three options:

1. Insurance Premium Contribution - This option allows you to pay your qualified health insurance premium contribution on a pre-tax basis.
2. Dependent Care Expense Account - This option allows you to have a pre-tax payroll deduction for dependent childcare or eldercare expenses.
3. Healthcare Expense Account - This option allows you to pay for unreimbursed healthcare expenses, including over-the-counter drugs that alleviate or cure an illness or injury, with pre-tax dollars.

Enrollment in the Insurance Premium Contribution Account renews each year unless you waive participation during open enrollment. Enrollment in the Dependent Care and Health Care Expense Accounts will not automatically renew. Enrollment is required each plan year. The plan year is October 1 through September 30.

Consult your tax professional for tax related questions.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a no-cost, confidential assistance program to help address the personal issues you and/or members of your household are facing. This service, staffed by experienced counselors, is available to all annually renewed contracted employees at Linn-Benton Community College. Contracted employees and members of their households are allowed up to five free sessions per family member per issue, per year.

LBCC's EAP provider is Reliant Behavioral Health. For your convenience, a direct link to their website is located below. You will need to use the access code to view the website content. Simply enter the access code "OEBB" and click the My Benefits button next to it.

After you log-in, you can choose from a wealth of topics to benefit you and your family by looking at the subjects listed under the tabs.

Family Connections
LBCC contracts with Linn and Benton Counties Family Connections to provide eligible employees with access to referral services in the areas of childcare, child development, parenting and elder care. There is no charge for these services. Contact Family Connections at (541) 917-4899 or (800) 845-1363 for information or visit the Family Resources & Education pages of the LBCC website.

Tuition Waiver
A tuition waiver benefit is provided for all contracted employees and eligible dependents. For information on this benefit go to your association contract at Association Contracts or contact HR at (541) 917-4424.

Retirement System
LBCC offers retirement benefits through the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Six percent (6%) of a member’s monthly gross salary is contributed to an Individual Account Program. LBCC also contributes a percentage to PERS or OPSRP. The college pays the employees’ 6% member’s contribution.

If you have questions about retirement benefits, you may contact PERS at
(888) 320-7377 or (503) 598-7377. PERS also has a website with of helpful information at

Tax Sheltered Annuities 403(b)
As an LBCC employee, you may deposit a percentage of your earnings in a 403(b) TSA account and shelter it from federal and state income taxes. You may enroll for this benefit at any time. LBCC has adopted the services of Carruth Compliance Consulting, Inc., an independent third party administrator, to provide compliance and administration services for its 403(b) plan. Their contact information is available at Carruth Compliance Consulting, Inc. (CCC).

Comprehensive information about LBCC’s TSA Plan is available on the web at LBCC 403(b) Page, including enrollment procedures, a salary reduction agreement form, and information about Vendors eligible to receive contributions, exchanges, transfers and rollovers. If you are starting contributions to a new Vendor, you must complete the salary reduction agreement and provide documentation to Human Resources that you have established an account with the Vendor. Employees may cancel or make changes to their contributions by submitting a completed salary reduction agreement to Human Resources. Note: In order to be effective in a current payroll, completed forms must be submitted by the monthly payroll cut-off date.

For questions regarding the College’s TSA Plan, please contact CCC:
Carruth Compliance Consulting, Inc.
11515 SW Durham Road, Suite E-10
Tigard, OR 97224
Phone: 503-968-8961
Toll-Free: 877-222-3090

Direct Deposit
Electronic direct deposit is the process by which the College deposits your paycheck directly into your checking or savings account. It is available to all employees who receive a paycheck and required for all newly hired employees. To set up or change your direct deposit, go through your WebRunner portal.

Workers Compensation Insurance
The college provides coverage under SAIF for work related accidents. If you experience a work related accident or illness, contact Nurse Plus at (866) 209-7711. A nurse will work with you to obtain needed medical treatment. In the case of an emergency, follow the College’s emergency protocol, which may include calling 911 or having a family member transport you to the emergency room. Contact Human Resources to assist you with the Workers' Compensation claim forms within 24 hours of seeking medical attention. In addition, it is important you complete a college accident form at public-safety-forms available on the Risk Management website.

For more information on College Benefits, contact the Human Resources Benefit Specialist at (541) 917-4424.