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Federal Funding Sources

Most federal programs accept applications only in response to specific announcements. These announcements are usually made on a regular schedule (e.g., once a year in October, every other year in the spring, etc.). Often there are few changes in the announcements from one year to the next, so you can use the previous one as your guide in planning. However, it may be wise to contact the program officer - identified on the web site - a month or so before the announcement is expected to ask if he/she is expecting any changes.

You may find one or more of the following sites helpful in identifying an appropriate federal program.  Single access point for the 26 federal grant making agencies. You can sign up to receive email alerts for any of the agencies' announcements.
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance A searchable database that includes all federal funding programs established by legislation. This includes funding for individuals, businesses, state & local governments, etc.
U.S. Department of Education Gateway to a wide variety of information on funding opportunities, how to proceed, etc.
National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education Funding opportunities in science, math, computer science and engineering. The Division of Undergraduate Education is especially appropriate for community colleges.
Dept. of Health & Human Services Health Resources & Services Administration: programs in the health occupations 



State Funding

Processes for flow-down funds are changing. We are working closely with agencies at the state level to be kept aware of opportunities. You can help by sharing your knowledge with the Grants Office (x4408 or



Other Funding Sources

Private foundations and corporations differ widely in their application requirements but their procedures are usually far less demanding and rigid than the federal programs.

There are many subscription-based databases out there. Before you spend money on any of them, try one of these (and give me a call! at x4408).

Google! Never underestimate the power of the plain old search engine!
American Association of Community Colleges Links to programs of interest to community colleges