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Budget Model

An expanded five-year projection model is used to account for the mission-based needs of the college going forward. Making budgetary decisions in the context of a five-year impact model provides a strategic, long-term approach to resource allocation and ensures the college is poised to fund both ongoing operations and investments in the future. The model identifies how revenue and expense variables impact the college's finances and enables the college to anticipate needed changes.


  • Performance Packages - these costs are expansions of the existing budget made with a specific, targeted performance in mind. They are designed to allocate resources to strategic goals.
  • Strategic Investments - these costs fund projects that are unproven but worthy of consideration for a period of time (no more than two years).
  • Capital Operating Costs - these are costs related to the ongoing operational needs (utilities, staffing, etc.) for the bond funded capital construction projects being completed.

These assumptions are taken into account when planning and creating our budget model.

2019 GrowthAssumptions


Additional information available on the Business Office Budget page.

Last update October 2019