Part-Time Faculty Association

Information for Councilors

Dear Councilor,

Thank you for taking on this position. Here is some information that will help you understand our expectations and your rights. Getting involved in the decision making process and developing a wider representation across councils and committees on campus is crucial for the Part Time Faculty Association, and for you, its member.


Councilor's Rights

  • Councilors are paid for their meeting and retreat time; they need to submit a time-sheet to the council coordinator.
  • Anyone can attend most meetings as an onlooker without being paid.

Councilor's Duties

  • They represent and need to communicate the Part-Time Faculty Association's position in the meetings.
  • They need to report information to the Vice President of Membership about the discussion/decisions at the meetings, as well as any topics for future meetings relevant to the interests of the Part-Time Faculty and the Association. (Most councils will send out an agenda at least a week before the meeting).

Serving term and finding substitute councilor

  • If the councilor has to miss a meeting, it is his/her responsibility to find a substitute who would attend these meetings on his/her behalf; he/she can contact the VP of Membership if assistance is needed;
  • If the councilor has a time conflict that extends for the whole teaching term (10 weeks), then she/he needs to inform the Membership VP and help to find a substitute for the whole term;
  • If the councilor needs to terminate his/her commitment, she/he needs to inform the Membership VP who will make every effort to find a permanent replacement. 

Do you need more information, do you do you want to get involved, do you want to share information about your council? Please email the Vice President of Membership at