Part-Time Faculty Association

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We are here to:

  • Support our members in resolving conflict with supervisors and administrators and provide guidance regarding employment issues
  • Enhance employment conditions to promote a harmonious college experience
  • Inform our members of their rights
  • Provide ways to contribute to the workings of the college through service on college committees



Why become a member?

  • We negotiate your contract with the college on your behalf.
  • The greater the support from our members, the stronger our position in contract negotiations.
  • We represent and support you when you have issues with the administration or working conditions.
  • We are your voice to the Administration and the Board of Education.
  • We appoint members to committees which allows participation in College governance.
  • Members may vote on tentative contract agreements, officer elections, and changes to the bylaws.
  • Members participate in Association governance.

How can you become a member of the Part-Time Faculty Association?

  • Part-time faculty teaching a WCE of 3 credits or more per term are eligible.
  • Fill out and submit a membership form
  • Dues of $30 per term are collected from our members 

For general questions and concerns, or if you do not know where to direct your correspondence, please email