Faculty Handbook

Office Phones and Voicemail

Information Services provides telephones and access to the voice-mail system. You will have voicemail on your office phone that you can easily check from home. Four-digit extensions are used for on-campus dialing. Dial 9 to access an outside line from campus phones. College-related long distance calls may be charged to the department by using the appropriate access code. Contact your division support staff for that information.

If you find it necessary to make a personal long distance phone call, use the appropriate departmental access code, keeping track of the date and phone number called. When the phone bill is received by your department, reimburse the college for the amount of your personal long distance call plus a 13% surcharge (value of the discounted service that is applied to the college’s toll service). Payments are made at the Business Office.

To find extensions of faculty or staff on campus, go to the Staff and Faculty Directory.  You can search by: First name, Last Name, Building, Department, or Phone.



Setting Up Your Voicemail

Dial into your voicemail and enter your personal code to access your personal voicemail box.

Mailbox Setup/Message Retrieval from Phone in Part-time Offices

  • Press your voicemail button
  • Press # (when greeting starts)
  • Enter Password (default 1234)
  • Follow prompts

 Mailbox Setup/Message Retrieval from off campus

  • Dial (541) 917-4988
  • Press option number (option number/mailbox assigned to you by admin)
  • Press # (when greeting starts)
  • Enter your mailbox number
  • Enter Password 
  • Follow prompts

For main greeting recordings

  • Press message button
  • Enter Password
  • Follow prompts

Your voicemail light will turn red to indicate you have a message waiting. You might notice your voicemail light occasionally blinking – this is weird but normal, since it briefly lights up every time anyone gets a message.