Faculty Handbook

Personnel Issues and Information 



Electronic direct deposit is a required condition of employment for all employees at Linn- Benton Community College.

Liability Insurance

The college provides liability insurance that covers staff activities as related to college duties for its officers, employees, and agents, including volunteers, when acting within the scope of their department.

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

All public employees who work at least 600 hours in a 12-month period are required to participate in the Public Employees Retirement System program. Part-time employees become eligible for PERS with hours worked at LBCC and/or hours worked with other PERS employers. For contracted faculty, 6% of your monthly gross salary is paid by the college and credited to your individual PERS or OPSRP (IAP) account. For part-time employees, the 6% contribution is withheld from the employee’s paycheck and credited to their IAP account. If you have questions about retirement benefits, you may contact PERS at (888) 320-7377.

Tax Sheltered Annuities

All LBCC employees are eligible to contribute a percentage of their earnings in a TSA (403b) account and shelter it from federal and state income taxes. You may enroll for this benefit at any time. Please contact Human Resources for information. 

Worker’s Compensation

The college provides workers’ compensation insurance for work-related injuries/accidents. If you are injured at work or while on college business, report the injury immediately to your supervisor or to campus Public Safety. Call the Nurse Plus 24/7 Call Center at 1-866-209-7711 and a nurse will discuss your injury and assist with appropriate medical care. If emergency treatment is required, 911 should be contacted. Even though an employee may feel they have suffered a minor injury, complete a General Accident Report form so there is a record of the injury/accident should you need to see a physician later, or miss time from work. If Nurse Plus schedules you to see a physician or miss more than three days from work as a result of injury, an 801 Workers’ Compensation Claim form must be completed in Human Resources Office.


Payroll Information


Arrangements can be made through Human Resources for certain voluntary deductions by written authorization. These might include LBCC Foundation, United Way, and Tax Sheltered Annuity.


Pay information is available by accessing employee self-service on WebRunner.

Payroll Schedule

The payroll schedule shows a cutoff date for paperwork due to Human Resources; it also shows pay dates.

Time Sheets

Contracted faculty are expected to work on campus on the days specified in the faculty contract and need to submit time sheets when there are exceptions to their normal schedule (sick leave, bereavement, etc.). Arrangements to work off campus must be made in advance with your division dean/center director. Time sheets are due in your division/department office on or before the payroll cutoff date. Your support staff will process all department time sheets and submit them to Human Resources as a group. Time sheets turned in after the cutoff will be processed for the following scheduled payroll.


Nurse Plus 24/7

All employees, work study student employees, cooperative work experience students, health care clinical practicum students (working at off site locations), covered apprenticeship students, and covered volunteers are required to call Nurse Plus 24/7 before seeking medical treatment for any work related injury or illness AND at any time you develop symptoms that MAY be related to a work activity.

The nurse will discuss the specifics of your injury or concerns and make recommendations for further treatment if necessary. If an evaluation with a physician is warranted, the nurse will contact an occupational medicine physician and arrange an appointment for you. Let the nurse know if you prefer to see your primary care physician. Note: Employees and students with occupational exposures will be scheduled to see an occupational medicine physician.

To report your injury and/or discuss the need for medical attention, call the Nurse Plus 24/7 On Call Center: 1-613-239-4630 or 1-866-209-7711 toll free.

  • The On Call Center will ask your name and return telephone
  • Wait for a return phone call from the nurse (this will happen within a short time).
  • The nurse will discuss your injury and assist with appropriate medical
  • If emergency treatment is required, Nurse Plus must be notified after the employee has been
    • If you are treated for a work related injury/illness; you must contact Human Resources (CC108) by the next business day to complete the workers’ compensation claim form and LBCC incident

NOTE: In case of an emergency follow LBCC emergency protocol:

  • Take charge if needed. Get consent to
  • Get help on the way – call 911 and Campus
  • Once employee has been transported, contact Nurse Plus 24/7