Faculty Handbook

PT Instructor Absences

We try very hard to keep class cancellations to an absolute minimum so students have adequate time in the classroom. Whenever possible, please pre-arrange with your department chair and dean far in advance (preferably prior to the start of term) if you need to cancel a class for any valid reason (professional development opportunities, bereavement, or illness). Cancelling classes may result in proportionately lower pay.  

If you wake up sick on the day of a class, please call the Division Admin or Secretary. It is important to actually speak with someone to ensure the message is received, so signs can be posted on your classroom doors. Please try to contact the students through their gmail account about last-minute cancellations (many of whom commute to campus and would appreciate not having to make the trip when class is cancelled).

It is always beneficial to plan some kind of online coursework or assignment to use in place of a cancelled class, in the instance of inclement weather or illness.

If you know in advance that you are going to be absent from a class you are scheduled to teach, you need to get approval from your Department Chair. You will also need to let the Division Admin know you’re going to be absent through email and, if ill, turn in a time sheet to use sick leave for your absence. You and your Department Chair can discuss whether or not you need to find a substitute for the class, or if it would be more appropriate to assign work ahead of time in lieu of class attendance. If a substitute is necessary, your Department Chair can assist you in finding one. If you are going to be absent during an exam, let the Dean’s office know so an appropriate proctor can be found.