Faculty Handbook

Outcomes Assessment

Setting and assessing student learning outcomes allows us to give students a consistent experience while allowing instructors freedom to teach in a variety of ways. Your department chair will give you the course outcomes for the course you are teaching, or you can find them by clicking on your course in our catalog. For each student learning outcome in the course, you should have a way to measure whether students have met it or not (e.g. a test question, a journal prompt, or a rubric used to grade a performance).  At the end of each term, you will be asked to enter how many students met each outcome for your course, as well as reflect on what went well and what you might want to change. Each department will collectively reflect on the results of these individual reports and discuss larger curricular changes that might address any commonly observed issues. 

The reporting tool for assessment is found in WebRunner and should be completed when submitting grades at the end of each term. Your assessment results will never be used to make decisions about your performance as a teacher.