Faculty Handbook

Offices and Supplies

As a general rule, each contracted faculty is provided with a private office. Offices will be scheduled through the division support staff and the Office of Scheduling. Requests for obtaining or purchasing office and instructional supplies should be made through your division support staff.

Please put your office location on your syllabus.

Offices are furnished, and requests for office or instructional supplies should be made through your division support staff. Classrooms are not equipped with supplies such as dry erase markers; you can obtain basic teaching or office supplies from the supply cabinets or workrooms in your building/division. If there is something you need and don’t see, ask your Division Admin.



The removal of college equipment for personal use is prohibited, and staff must obtain approval prior to removing college equipment from campus for college-related activities. The item(s) must be returned to the proper location. Should any college equipment be damaged, lost, or stolen, contact both Campus Public Safety and your supervisor.

Note: College employees may not purchase items disposed of by the college unless they are advertised through the public sale process. Contact Purchasing for more information.


Keys and ID Badges

Keys are checked out through the campus Public Safety Office with the approval of the respective division dean, director, or vice-president. Check with your division/department support staff for assistance. Notify Public Safety immediately if a key is lost or stolen. Do not loan keys out or pass them on to other employees. Return no longer needed keys directly to the Public Safety Office. A $50 fee per key fee is assessed for lost or missing keys.

All employees are required to obtain an LBCC-issued photo identification card and are required to display the card in a readily visible place on their person at all times while working on any LBCC campus or extended location/event. This is an Administrative Rule (AR5110-01) designed to allow security and others to differentiate faculty and staff from students. You can get your badge at the same time you are picking up your keys, at the Public Safety Office in Red Cedar Hall. The request for your badge will be processed after you are officially hired. 



Each division will have one or more workrooms available for your use. Mailboxes, printers, basic office supplies, and classroom and teaching supplies are located in these rooms. Some divisions have multiple available workrooms located across campus. If you do not know where your assigned workroom is located, please contact your division admin or secretary.

As a faculty member, you will be assigned a physical mailbox. The location of your mailbox will depend on your department. If you are uncertain of the location of your mailbox, please contact the head of your department or your division's admin assistant.