Faculty Handbook

Instructor Absences

When possible, arrange for absences in advance. Classes need to be covered and you can do this in a number of ways, e.g. arranging for a guest speaker or providing an online alternative. In addition to planning ahead for known absences, you may want to develop a back-up plan for illness or other unexpected absences. If something unexpected comes up, and you must miss or arrive late for a class, contact the office of your dean/director as soon as possible and give instructions for your classes. When a class is not meeting, let your division support staff know so classroom(s) will have appropriate notices posted. If time allows, students in night classes will be contacted. If you feel a substitute is the best option, work with your dean to arrange for this.

Specific policies on absences allowed is found in the faculty contract. Absences for reasons other than illness, bereavement, professional development, or an unexpected emergency are not authorized. Only the dean/director or department chair is authorized to arrange for substitute teachers. The instructor’s salary will be reduced for the missed class meeting. If a substitute is necessary, your Department Chair can assist you in finding one. If you are going to be absent during an exam, let the Dean’s office know so an appropriate proctor can be found.