Faculty Handbook

Helping Students


If a Student Has a Disability

Here is a link to a more comprehensive guide on helping students with documented disabilities succeed.  A few of the main points in this document are:

  • CFAR will send an email informing you if a student in your class has approved accommodations. They will not disclose the nature of the disability, only the approved accommodations.
  • It is the student's responsibility to communicate with instructors to determine how their accommodations will work in the class. This is sometimes a tough conversation for the student to initiate, so you may casually invite the student to have a conversation about how the class is going for them.
  • CFAR will support you in providing accommodations (note-takers, tutors, test proctors, etc.). 
  • Please contact CFAR if you have any concerns about the feasibility of, or how to implement an accommodation.



If You Are Worried About the Mental or Physical Health of a Student

See our complete “Students in Distress” guide. Always consult with your Dean about a student you are concerned about in any way, both for the student’s sake and for the sake of campus security.  Also see the decision chart below.  

If a student is dangerous or in immediate danger, call 911 and campus safety (x411). 

If a student is emotionally distressed but it is not an emergency:

  • Walk a distressed student over to Advising & Counseling Center. 
  • Fill out a “Student of Concern” form online here.
  • Be sure to communicate with your Dean about the situation.

If a student is the victim of harassment or discrimination:

  • Listen to the student without judgment. Express concern.
  • Call the Dean of Students.
  • Inform your Dean.
  • Call the Affirmative Action officer in Human Resources (x4420).

If a student appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs:

  • Don’t diagnose, since behavior may be the result of an underlying condition or disability.
  • If the student does not appear to be currently intoxicated, but you have noticed worrisome signs, talk with the student privately and express concern. Refer them to counseling or the Center for Accessibility Resources.
  • If the student is disrupting class, take a short break and call campus security (x4440) and describe the situation. Refer the student to the Dean of Students using the online reporting  feature. 
  • Notify your Dean.
  • See the Student Development page for additional forms and resources if needed.