Faculty Handbook

Grading, Grade Changes, and Grade Appeals

Grading is done in WebRunner; grades are due by 8 am on the Monday after finals week. 

LBCC uses the grade classification system outlined in Administrative Rule 4020-10 and related Board Policies: whole letter grades (no pluses or minuses) A,B,C,D, and F.  We also issue the following grades

  •  IN – Incomplete work. The student has until the end of the following term (exception: Spring term students have until end of next Fall term) to complete the work and submit it to the instructor.
  •  W  Withdrawal
  •  P/NP – Pass or No Pass
  •  AU – Audit

Your department chair will give you a copy of the Course Outline, which will state whether a student may take the course on a Pass/No Pass basis. Grades of incomplete or work in progress can have serious effects on a student’s financial aid status, but are appropriate in some cases. Consult your department chair/dean if you have any questions about grading.

Students who have met certain guidelines will be eligible for Academic Renewal. If a student meets the established guidelines, substandard work from two terms can be excluded from grade calculation at LBCC. The non-passing grades will not be counted in their LBCC GPA; instead, the earned grade will have a “Z” notation on the transcript.


If a student wants to appeal a grade

When a student believes he/she has been awarded an inappropriate grade, the first step is to appeal the grade to you, the instructor. If they are not satisfied with your explanation of the grade, the next step is to appeal to the division dean.  The dean will review the facts related to the appeal (tests, papers, reports, attendance, etc.).  The decision of the dean will be final and will be forwarded to the instructor and student within 30 days upon receipt. The Vice President of Student Affairs may, with the student’s consent, intervene on the student’s behalf at any stage of the grade dispute resolution proceedings.


Awarding Extra Credit

Similar to grading/exam/assignment norms, awarding extra credit is an issue that should be consistent with the rest of your department. Please discuss with your Department Chair.


Grade Reporting

Grades are entered by the instructor of record into WebRunner no later than 8:00 am the Monday following Finals. Grades not submitted by the end of the term will not appear on the student’s record until grades are submitted through the college’s grading system. Grades not submitted by the end of the term may impact a student’s financial aid. Failure to enter grades by this deadline may result in Deans/Directors beginning the discipline process. Please keep in close contact with your Dean/Associate Dean/Director if any issues arise.