Faculty Handbook

PT Faculty FAQ 


What Benefits Do I Receive As A Part-Time Faculty Member?

The benefits are:

  • Tuition waiver

  • Tax-sheltered annuity

  • PERS retirement system (to become eligible for PERS, you must work six months without a 30 day interruption [excepting summer term] and at least 600 hours within a 12 month rolling period.  Please contact Human Resources with any questions about your eligibility.

  • Discounts on educational software at the LBCC bookstore

  • Social security and worker’s compensation

  • Childcare referrals (available to the whole community, not just LBCC employees). Contact Family Connections at x4899 to set up an appointment, or stop by their office in the Luckiamute Building.

How Many Credits Can I Teach Per Year?

You cannot exceed 24 credits over the last three consecutive terms, regardless of whether the credits are taught at the main campus, a Center, or online. The Division Admin keeps close track of this, and will let you know where you stand if you lose track.

How And When Will I Know If I Will Have Courses In Upcoming Terms?

We let you know as soon as we can. Often we plan several terms in advance, but occasionally we’ll add a section fairly close to the start of term and will offer it to you then. Please feel free to ask your department chair and dean what their plans are! 

When Are Classes Cancelled Due To Low Enrollment?

Classes may be cancelled during the first week of term due to low enrollment, and sometimes prior to the first week of term if we think there is a high risk of the class not filling. We try to make sure this is a rare event, since it’s obviously extremely inconvenient for you and for the students registered for the course.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

Your pay (per credit) depends on your “step” level. You start in your first term at Step 1. To qualify for a step advancement, you must teach at least 18 credit hours or 180 contact hours (or equivalent combination) since being hired, or since September 1 of the prior year. Step advancements are based on a cumulative total of credit/contact hours. For example, if you teach 10 credit hours in your first academic year and eight the following year, you will receive a step increase on September 1 when you begin your third year of teaching. You are also given an hourly wage based on step, which is the rate you will be paid for attending trainings, meetings, and other non-instructional events. To get paid for these events (when approved), fill out a timesheet and submit it to your admin by the 15th of each month.

When Will I Get Paid?

Your pay is spread out through the term, and payment dates vary.  The “Payroll Schedule” for exact payment dates can be found on the HR forms webpage.

Time sheets must be turned in by the 15th of the month in order to be included in payroll for the month.  Time sheets received after the 15th will be processed the following month.

Can I Teach At Other Locations Or In Other Departments At LBCC?

If you are teaching at one of the Centers (Benton Center, Lebanon Center, Healthcare Occupations Center, ATTC, or Sweet Home Center), the credits you teach will count towards your overall total in each discipline. If you are qualified to teach in a second discipline, your credits will still count towards your three-term 24-credit limit.

Can I Teach Part-Time If I Am A Classified Employee At Linn-Benton?

Yes, but only in some circumstances. In short, we are required by the state to pay overtime to you if you are working in excess of 40 hours per week (sick time, paid leave and holidays excluded). For both budget and to be fair to other instructors doing the exact same work, we avoid hiring instructors who would need to be paid overtime. We do, however, want to encourage the professional development that comes with teaching, and will work with you on that. Please discuss the possibility with your dean if this is something you are interested in.

Does My Division Have Specific Information?

Yes, some divisions have handbooks, linked below.

ASSH Part-Time Faculty Handbook

AFEL Part-Time Faculty Handbook