Faculty Handbook

Email and Webrunner

Staff and students at LBCC use “Google Apps for Education” email. Staff email addresses end with ‘@linnbenton.edu’ while student email addresses end with ‘@mail.linnbenton.edu’. These are usually setup during the hiring process. All faculty are required to have and use an LBCC e-mail account. Part-time faculty and staff accounts expire at the end of each academic year unless Information Services is told to continue the account.

Students are instructed to reach faculty using only their Linn-Benton email address, so we ask that you use this address on your syllabus. It is easy to forward mail from this address to another account if you dislike checking multiple email accounts (look in the help menu in the email program that you’d like to use, e.g. Gmail).

Once you start using our email, you will often see emails that are to “public” and “everyone.”  The “everyone” emails go to everyone and you cannot unsubscribe from this group - only specific people on campus can send to this email, and messages will be things like emergency closures or major campus changes. You can remove yourself from the "public" group, which is generally messages about club events, community or non-profit events, etc. You will also see the occasional paid ad – to send a message not related to college business (e.g. “free kittens”), stop by the Business Office in the Calapooia Center and pay a $2.00 fee. Put “Paid Ad” in the subject line.

The PUBLIC group is for:

  • A message which is not related to college business and is not a college-sponsored activity (stop by the Business Office to pay the $2 fee for this “want ad”);
  • A message for a volunteer/community organization, but not collegebusiness(nofee);
  • A message that is a college-sponsored activity, such as sales in the book store, items of furniture for trade, exhibit or play openings, etc. (no fee).

There are other predefined groups available for public use, and Information Services will be happy to set a group up for you (committees or departments to facilitate sending e-mail that should only be sent to certain employees).



Accessing Webrunner

Class rosters are available on WebRunner, which is also the system you will use to post and change grades. It is the instructor's responsibility to reference the roster and keep accurate records of students officially enrolled in each class. Students whose names do not appear on the roster (or are incorrect) should be referred to Admissions and Registration. Students who are not registered are not entitled to attend classes. Class rosters are confidential.

WebRunner is also where you can get your paystub, W2, benefits, and other employee information. You log in using your campus ID number (aka X-number) and your birthday (MMDDYY) as an initial password.