Faculty Handbook

Computers and Software

Online access to LBCC business/student systems is available through Information Services. A number of services are provided to assist staff: equipment installation/maintenance, software purchase and installation assistance, consultation for networking, and site license coordination.

Any LBCC staff member with a ‘…@linnbenton.edu’ email address may install the full version of Office 365 on up to 5 personal devices at no charge.

For more information, contact

  • Staff Help Desk: (541) 917-4333
  • Students Help Desk: (541) 917-4630



Software Installation: Guidelines for Labs

Guidelines have been established to assist in supporting the increasing technology needs of instructors for computer software installation/use by their students. To request computer software installation for student use in computer labs, please fill out a Software Installation Request Form (SIRF). To allow adequate time to test and install new software, SIRF’s are due on the same date as book orders are due in the Bookstore for the next term. A reminder e-mail about SIRF’s is sent to the EVERYONE group two weeks before the book order due date.

The Library computer labs provide computers, general software, e-mail access, and assistance for students to complete assignments. LBCC also has specialty labs for courses in computers, business, graphics, drafting and engineering graphics, electronics, and math. These specialized labs offer special software for diet analysis, accounting, programming, graphics, or other instructor requested needs.

Not all software can be installed on the lab computers. Common reasons include:

  • ADA Compliance: Software in use at LBCC must conform to ADA guidelines, or have pre- established alternatives that provide students with disabilities equal access to the full benefits of the software.
  • Data Security: The addition of some applications or Web plug-ins can cause security breaches in the college computer systems, and can make the information stored on computers available for off-campus unauthorized access.
  • Shareware/Freeware Constraints: These programs usually require licensing after a set time limit and Linn-Benton Community College can be held accountable for unlicensed software. (Shareware and freeware programs can also cause disruption with system files and can harbor viruses.)
  • Incompatibility Issues: Testing and troubleshooting may prove the software to be incompatible with currently installed software applications. Computer disks or CD’s included in textbooks often require the user to install a simple setup program to be able to access the data on the CD. Installations of these programs can over-write system files on the target computer(s) and can cause unexplained system crashes and/or existing software to not function as desired.
  • Licensing: The software is not appropriately licensed for use at LBCC.

To prevent these problems from occurring, the computer lab specialists will install and test the software on a machine before installing it in the lab and may ask you to test it. You can get more information on the LBCC webpage for Software Installation Guidelines for Computer Classrooms and Lecterns.