Faculty Handbook

Classroom Etiquette

Your classroom is a busy place. Be considerate of those instructors who use the room after you. Move things around if needed, but return chairs and tables to their original locations before you leave. Erase all chalkboards and whiteboards. Help us protect our investments in classroom equipment; when you leave your classroom, shut the door. If you see a classroom door left open, please shut it. If the door doesn't automatically lock, please let someone know so they can lock it. In readiness for emergency response, classroom doors should always be in the locked position. The Lock Blok mechanism on the door can be engaged to keep the door open during class time, but should be disengaged and the door locked upon exiting the room or in response to an emergency lockdown/lockout.

Professional courtesy calls for you to dismiss class and vacate the room on time. Colleagues need time to prepare for an incoming class, and students need to arrive at their next class.