Faculty Handbook

Academic Affairs Office


Scheduling and Academic Affairs Office

All classroom scheduling is done by the Academic Affairs Office; this includes any change of days or times. Changes of location, even for one class period, should be reported to your division/ department office so signs can be posted and students can be given directions. Forms and more specific information can be found on the Curriculum, Scheduling and Instruction Office page.

Conference Services is responsible for scheduling all conference rooms and providing catering arrangements. The Public Safety Office is responsible for scheduling events in the Courtyard.



Academic Affairs Office

Course Scheduling

The schedule of classes is developed by each department and each LBCC Center. In consultation with faculty, deans and directors have the responsibility of planning the schedule of classes for his/her division or center. When developing the schedules of classes, the following is taken into consideration: courses to offer, the number of sections of each course, class times, class sizes, and scheduling needs of partnering. Class offerings at LBCC Centers are coordinated with on-campus departments and programs. The Academic Affairs Office is responsible for coordination of the college-wide final exam schedule.

Program Development

Any faculty member may bring ideas for new programs to the attention of the division deans, Center Directors, or Dean of Instruction. Issues to consider include: reason for the new program; any impact on other programs; estimated program costs, including equipment and staffing needs; and labor market demand.

Proposals for new programs receive extensive review by the dean/director, Curricular Issues Committee, and other administrative staff, before submitting them to the Board of Education for approval. Upon receiving approval from the Board of Education, new program proposals also go to the following for approval: the State of Oregon; our accrediting agency, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and the Department of Education, for financial aid approval. Working with the Academic Affairs Office, the respective program/department is responsible for application completion.

Program Revisions

Program revisions are completed on an annual basis, in time for the upcoming academic year’s catalog. Only those revisions approved by the Academic Affairs Office and the State (if applicable) will be included in the new catalog. Any changes that have a budget impact should be discussed with the dean/director, and any changes that impact another division should be discussed with an appropriate representative from that division.