Workforce and Economic Vitality Council

Council Membership

Council Lead: Ann Buchele, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development

Although some members remain the same from year to year, membership rotates in a way that benefits our directives from MERIT.

2019-2020 Members

  • Ann Buchele, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Amber Vore, Council Coordinator
  • Charlie Mitchell, Small Business Development Center Director
  • Chris Ruderman, Business Faculty
  • Dale Moon, Associate Dean of Manufacturing
  • David Bird, Cooperative Work Experience Coordinator
  • Elaine Robinson, Financial Aid Director
  • Elizabeth Pakravan, Employment Outreach and Recruitment Specialist
  • Jeff Davis, Regional Director for Benton County
  • Jeff Flesch, Extended Learning Director
  • Joyce Thompson-Graham, Adult Basic Skills Coordinator
  • Linda Carroll, Dean of Healthcare
  • Lynne Jenne, Part-time English Language Acquisition Faculty
  • Malinda Shell, Academic Foundations Faculty
  • Marci Johnston, Career and Employment Specialist
  • Oriana Mulatero, Associate Dean of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Shanshan Wei, Research Analyst and Data Administrator