Governance Structure

President's Advisory Council on Equity

The Council's purpose is to increase employee learning, advance continuous improvement strategies, effect student outcomes and further develop essential skills necessary to achieve equity outcomes benefiting all those in the college community. PACE makes policy and practice recommendations on equity to LBCC's president. 




  • Better grasp and articulate the complexities and nuance required to execute diversity, inclusion and equity.
  • Define inclusion and equity at LBCC. 
  • Create an Equity Action Plan.
  • Meet state cultural competency legislation (HR 2684) objectives.  (Read the October 2020 report.)
  • Elevate the voices of historically marginalized people by inviting all of the college community to engage in problem solving and learning from one another.
  • Explore the intersection between civil discourse, free expression and advocacy work:
    • Who gets asked to do advocacy in higher education on the LBCC campus? 
    • How can we be intentional about the tone for campus discourse?
    • How do we examine the causes of structural imbalances?
    • Can those who desire civil discourse also support oppressed communities as allies? 



Research and Data Objectives:

  • Consider data outside the traditional quantifiable outputs and take into equal account of testimony and qualitative research.
  • Disaggregate data related to the campus population and measure whether it reflects the community around the College.
  • Of the existing student populations, research and report if they are succeeding equitably.


2020-21 PACE members

Contact PACE administrative support for meeting schedule and minutes.