Construction Projects

Industrial Plaza

In addition to interior improvements for LBCC industrial programs, the college is embarking on a plan to bring overall cohesiveness to our outdoor spaces located between Industrial buildings IA, IB and IC. Currently, exterior yards are dominated by material storage and parking. The area is unsightly and difficult to navigate for students and community members.

Plans include improving the pedestrian areas with connected walkways, outdoor seating, landscaping and sculpture artwork to make the space more safe, usable and collegiate.

Schematic design is underway. Scope of the work may include signage way finding, landscaping near buildings, pedestrian walkway from parking lot 5, screened storage areas and removal of storage buildings around IC.

Artist rendering of the Industrial Plaza area between IA, IB and IC buildings

Industrial exterior 2

Industrial 3

Industrial 4


Current photos of Industrial plaza/walkway area

Industrial walkway 1

Industrial walkway 2

Industrial walkway 3

Industrial walkway 4

Industrial walkway 5