Career and Technical Services

CTE Program Expansions

Job Training Modernization, Expansion and Maintenance
Career and Technical Education Programs (CTE)

Location: Albany campus

LBCC Career Technical Education facilities on the Albany campus are under going major improvements. A multi-year construction process funded by the passage of the 2014 bond measure will bring this well used and aging facility into the modern age.

Working directly with area industry, LBCC is doubling its capacity to provide job-training to help fill the gap. Renovation of Industrial A, B and C buildings to expand Machine Tool, Mechatronics, and Welding Fabrication programs will help provide that capacity. 

With the relocation of LBCC auto/diesel and healthcare programs to new facilities allowed for modernization and expansion of CTE programs on its Albany Campus in welding, machine tool, non-destructive testing and mechatronics. These programs are responding directly to industry needs, putting local people to work.

The project allows for renovation of current industrial building spaces, classroom modernization and addresses critical maintenance on the aging Albany campus.