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Course Development

Information on this page is meant to help guide faculty through the process of creating or revising course curriculum.

See the 2020-2021 Course Approval Timeline for target dates by which departments should have information approved.

Course Fee Request Form 2020-2021



Types of Courses

Lower Division Collegiate (LDC)

Used toward a transfer degree and/or general education requirement. Must contain the following characteristics:

  • Transfer to 4-year institutions at the 100 and 200 level and/or found in lower division collegiate handbook
  • Broad focus - students gain some understanding of the extent of a field or discipline
  • Outcomes and description need to reflect the introductory nature of the course

Career-Technical Education (CTE)

Applies directly to a career technical degree or certificate. All CTE courses must be attached to a degree or certificate.

Experimental Course (199/299)

 Introduce new material on a trial basis. May be scheduled two times only in a 15 month period


Curriculum Management Dashboard

From the Curriculum Management Dashboard, users can fill out/submit a course outline form and track new/revised course proposals as they move through the college’s approval process workflow.

To review course proposals prior to the 2018-2019 Academic Year, visit Curriculum Management Course Proposals

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