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Schedule Production Timeline

The schedule production timeline outlines the dates for schedule proof construction for the academic year. All divisions and departments are asked to make these deadlines a priority in order to produce the Schedule of Classes in time for students to plan their class schedules and to meet other college wide deadlines that rely on the schedule.

2021-2022 Schedule Production Timeline



EMS Campus Planning Interface (CPI)

Department Chairs, Deans and Admins use this page to add/edit/delete courses or set room preferences during the schedule development process.

For instructions on how to make course changes and set room preferences, please see the help sheet.

CPI User Guide



Standard Meeting Times & Zone Distribution

Standard Meeting Times are designed to prevent student scheduling conflicts, address usage of general purpose classrooms and optimize the use of our limited classroom space. Schedule configurations outside these timeframes require special exception approval.

Zone percentages are designed to spread course offerings throughout the day and across the week in order accommodate student schedule needs. Departments are encouraged to work together to assure that courses which satisfy general education requirements are offered at a variety of times/days to meet student need.

Click here to view the Standard Meeting Times & Zones



Google Doc Forms

Use the Google Doc forms to add, revise and cancel courses after the schedule development process.

Academic Affairs CRN Change/Update Form

Academic Affairs CRN Add Form



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