Many different paths, all bright futures

U.S. Army Veteran Seeks to Give Others a Helping Hand

Heesun Kim never imagined she would one day be on a path to helping soldiers recover from severe combat injuries – or that she herself would become a proud veteran of the U.S. Army. But thanks to scholarship support, Heesun is turning an unexpected journey into an incredible future.

“It can be hard to have a healthy outlook after losing a limb. I want to help people live a long, healthy life — even though they have a disability. And I hope to make those who have helped me get to where I am today proud.”

Heesun is now enrolled in LBCC studying mechanical engineering, thanks to financial support from the Linn County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Scholarship and the Joseph Novak Memorial Scholarships. Because of the extra help, she is now able to take extra classes that allow her to study materials construction for imagining the future of prosthetics.

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Heesun Kim, U.S. Army Veteran and LBCC engineering student
Heesun Kim, U.S. Army Veteran and LBCC engineering student

Growing a Greater Appreciation for Agriculture

For most students, raising cattle to help pay for college seems a bit unusual. Not so for Madalyn Neuschwander. Raised on a farm in Shedd, Oregon, Madalyn has spent her entire life surrounded by farm animals. And as a student at Central Linn High School, Madalyn participated in an educational outreach program called Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom.

“We talked to kids about agriculture and encouraged them to think about what their lives would be like without it. I have a vision for doing that on bigger scale.”

Life on the farm has given Madalyn a unique perspective on what it takes to raise animals for the consumer market. That experience, coupled with a desire to share her knowledge, led her to the animal science program at LBCC. She plans to transfer to Oklahoma State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Communications, and she hopes to bring more understanding and support to the agricultural industry as a whole.

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Madalyn Neuschwander, LBCC student in animal science
Madalyn Neuschwander, LBCC student in animal science

Mill Worker Follows His Dreams, Becomes ER Nurse

A life-long Sweet Home resident, Chris Forum first attended LBCC right out of high school. He landed a good job at the local mill, got married, and started a family. But when his grandmother fell ill, watching the paramedics at work inspired him to take a second look at his own career path.

“I suddenly knew what I was passionate about. And I also knew I had to make a decision. Do I spend the next 20 years punching a clock, or do I get out there and do something I really love doing?”

In 2019 Chris graduated from LBCC with an Associate of Science degree in Nursing. Now, he’s working as an emergency room nurse at Riverbend Hospital in Springfield — a job he absolutely loves.

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Chris Forum, LBCC nursing graduate
Chris Forum, LBCC nursing graduate