Programs of Study/Meta Majors

  • LBCC will help you Chart Your Course!

    Maybe you don't know your exact road to a degree yet — that's ok! At LBCC we can help you discover your passion and progress to success through seven different core areas of study — which we call meta majors.

    Start by choosing a Meta-Major

    Here's how it works: Although we offer more than 85 programs, if you're not sure what specific program you'd like to study, get started by choosing a broad meta-major in Agriculture; Business, Education and Social Service; Health and Healthcare & Nutrition and Culinary; Applied Industrial Technology & Transportation; Arts & Humanities; and Science; Engineering & Math and Computer Science. Each meta-major is designed to help you hone your interests and guide you toward achieving a degree and launching a great career.

  • Plan your classes with our Program Maps

    We want your road to graduation to be a clear path! That's why we have created Guided Pathways Program Map to lay out a step-by-step plan for every degree and certificate at LBCC. To learn more about the Program Map tool, check out this interactive program map example.

    program map