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Transfer to OSU HDFS: Child Development Program

Participants in this program develop a foundation in human development. This pathway prepares you to earn a BA in Human Development and Family Studies and a BA in education at OSU; and leads to Oregon teacher certification.

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Transfer to OSU Liberal Studies: Pre-Elementary Education Program

Participants in this program develop a strong general background in a variety of content areas. This pathway prepares you to earn a BA in Liberal Studies and a second BA in Education, and leads to Oregon teacher certification.

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  • Why Go into Education
  • Careers
  • The Education Double Degree
  • Why Should You Go into Education?

    Are you considering a career as a teacher? If so, LBCC's Education department can help you. Teachers impact the lives of children daily, inspire students, earn a stable living, and serve local communities. Becoming an educator is more than passing tests and taking an approved list of classes- it is about making a difference.

    To take your first step towards becoming a teacher or to explore teaching as a potential career, the Education Department recommends the following:

    • Enroll in ED 216: Purpose, Structure, and Function of Education in a Democracy Class.
    • Meet with an education advisor.

    Meeting with an education advisor is vital to your college success. It will save you both time and money. Through accurate and up-to-date advising, LBCC helps future teachers select appropriate classes. For example, elementary school teachers take different course work than high school English teachers. Additionally, Colleges of Education located at universities are unique and require different coursework for students in their first two years of college.

    Teaching candidates must complete the following requirements to earn a preliminary teaching license in the state of Oregon:

    • Earn a bachelor's degree or higher
    • Graduate from a state accredited institution and state-approved teacher education program
    • Pass the Orela Civil Rights test
    • Pass the appropriate subject area tests
    • Pass a criminal background check
    • Apply to TSPC (Teacher Standards Practices Commission) for teaching credential

    The Faculty in LBCC's Education department look forward to working with you.

  • Career Information

    All career information and statistics listed below are based off of the State of Oregon. For more information go to our Career Coach page.

    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
  • The Education Double Degree

    The Education Department at LBCC works closely with the College of Education at Oregon State University. Students can take six credits of coursework while attending LBCC that are required by the OSU College of Education. The OSU College of Education is home to a unique program, The Education Double Degree Program. This program allows "students to earn two undergraduate degrees concurrently, one in their chosen field and one in education." One significant benefit to this unique program is that graduates develop a strong content knowledge in their subject areas as well as strong content knowledge in education.

    The Education Department maintains two articulated associates degrees for Elementary Education at OSU. They are:

    • Elem Ed OSU AS Liberal Studies: Pre-Elementary Education
    • Elem Ed OSU AS HDFS: Child Development

    Future secondary teachers major in their content areas:
    Content Areas

    "OSU and LBCC are proud to be some of the most seamless partners in Oregon. We have a long history of creating student-centered pathways between our institutions."

    -Nell O'Malley, Oregon State University, College of Education, Director of Teacher Licensure