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  • Why Should You Choose Mechatronics?

    "MECHA" from mechanical, plus "TRONICS" from electronics: MECHATRONICS is a field of science that combines the control of mechanical systems using electronics and computers. In today's world, many systems, from the automatic door locks in your car to the largest industrial robots, work on this principle of combining mechanical systems with electronic controls.

    The Mechatronics Program at LBCC is renowned for its success in meeting the rapidly growing need for highly-skilled technicians to support a wide array of local and regional businesses and industries.

    If you're interested in this field, you probably enjoy working with both your hands AND your brain. The field of Mechatronics is very broad, and in this field, you are introduced to many different disciplines, from hydraulics and sensors to electricity and robotics. Nearly any company that processes or creates a product uses machines and automation to get the work done. Mechatronics Technicians are the ones who keep the equipment running using advanced maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair techniques coupled with the latest technologies.

    As part of this program, you learn to think analytically about complex systems. You will master and promote energy efficiency while creating sustainable practices. From safety and teamwork to computer-aided design (CAD) and programming, you will become familiar with a variety of skills that make you a valuable asset to any company. In today's world, machines have replaced many workers in industry, but someone is well-paid to keep those machines running. That could be you. Click the "More Info" button for details.

  • Career Information

    All career information and statistics listed below are based off of the State of Oregon. For more information go to our Career Coach page.

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  • Learn What Former Students Think of Our Programs


    Kalvin Guilford, Class of 2014

    U.S. Airforce

    "If you like working with your hands and making stuff work, or working with robotics, the Mechatronics program is a good choice. You'll learn how to make cool stuff happen. Working on the solar panel project, we had to overcome issues with lubrication and programming. In Mechatronics, we learned a lot of troubleshooting skills which helped us, and our basic programming and logic control class helped us to control the system."

    Anthony Stevenson, Class of 2014

    OSU transfer, Electrical Engineering

    "Everything today seems to have something to do with electrical systems, and most of our first year in Mechatronics was spent learning how things work and troubleshooting electrical issues. It's pretty cool stuff to learn. Also, for high school students, the program works well with the high school schedule. Getting your Associates degree while still in high school puts you a huge step ahead of your peers and gives you the benefit of getting done early."

    Jordan Hall, Class of 2016

    OSU transfer, Software Engineering

    "Mechatronics has been a great stepping-stone for me. I'm interested in the software side of things, and this program has helped me gain a practical knowledge of the types of things I would be programming so I can a better job. I would like to be the person that writes the software that runs an automation line and controls all the robots. I like writing all the inputs and converting them to outputs."

    Daniel Samoylich, Class of 2016

    OSU transfer, Electrical Engineering

    "I'm really interested in building electrical circuits. The Mechatronics program gave me technical, hands-on experience and a good base to work from. I like working on the electrical side of things, and I plan to transfer to Oregon State to finish my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering."

    Ashley Trout, Class of 2014

    AAS, Mechatronics/Industrial Maintenance Technician

    "The Mechatronics program not only taught me problem solving skills, but also how to work together as a team. There's so much you can do with this degree. For me, it's a toss up between the aerospace industry and green energy, working with wind turbines. The instructors here are amazing. Denis Green brings a certain kind of old school technician demeanor to the class, and Dave Mack is great. It's a really supportive, hands-on learning environment."

    Nathan Baker, Class of 2016

    OSU transfer, Computer Hardware Engineering

    "The Mechatronics program has given me all the basics that I need to go into the engineering hardware side of the field, like knowing how electricity works, basic coding skills, and knowing what to look for when there's a problem. We've learned how to work on common issues, how to spot those issues and fix them fairly quickly. I'd like to work with engineering contracts, where you work with someone on their project. I'm also interested in working on a team that tries to improves on past technologies or invents knew technologies. If you're even slightly interested in engineering or electrical fields, you should do this program, it's a great place to start. This kind of work is stuff you can't just read up on and figure it out - you have to get in and work with it to really learn it. The program gives you a lot of opportunity for hands-on learning. Like throwing a basketball - you have to practice it to do it well."


Dave has taught at the college for 20 years, helping students learn technical concepts in order to master real-world problems. He was one of the driving forces behind the development of the Mechatronics Department and, as department chair, he works closely with area businesses to ensure both graduates and local companies are pleased with the skills our students possess. When not teaching, Dave loves to run and hike in Oregon forests and raise a large vegetable garden. He also enjoys reading, ruminating and discussing philosophy.
Dave Mack
Ken attended three different community colleges over a five-year span to earn an Associates Degree while serving in the Army. He then leveraged that degree to gain a technical position in local industry, where he led numerous teams and projects over 16 years. Ken went on to earn a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Business Administration, while working in a silicon wafer fab. He enjoys teaching, tinkering and learning in equal measures. His broad experience and background gives Ken the skills needed to help students become successful technicians and to help local businesses find high-value employees.
Ken Dickson-Self
The son of a U.S. Air Force father and a British Navy mother - Douglas is from the suburbs of Chicago. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies in the electronics/mechanical field, he moved to Oregon and dual enrolled at LBCC and entered OSU with a 4-point average. Douglas graduated from Oregon State with a Science major and psychology minor. He rejoined LBCC in 2016 as an Instructional Assistant, a consultant for the Russell Tripp performance theatre, and an instructor in the Mechatronics program. He is a loving father to his twin boys, a devoted faculty member for the LBCC community, and an advocate for those with unmet medical/psychiatric needs.
Douglas Meyer
Josh joined the Mechatronics program after spending 6 years in industry-related positions. He earned an Instrumentation and Industrial Automation certificate, and currently holds an Oregon Limited Maintenance Electrician license. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time hiking, camping, and taking road trips with his wife and dog.
Josh Hanson