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Animal Science

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  • Why Should You Go into Animal Science?

    Enrolling in one of LBCC's animal related degree programs will expose students to a dynamic faculty team in Animal Sciences that is passionate and comes with a wealth of practical knowledge. Additionally, an extensive course offering, modest class sizes, and opportunities on our co-curricular teams will position students to be successful at LBCC and beyond.

    LBCC is the only community college in the Willamette valley with an Animal Technology program. The program uses the community as a natural instructional laboratory and provides students with knowledge and skills useful for working in production livestock occupations and in entering into livestock-related fields.

    LBCC's Animal Technology courses are designed to provide practical learning experiences through hands-on laboratory sessions. Persons already employed in specific agricultural fields can upgrade or add to their skillset. Students in the program also have an opportunity to participate in competitive collegiate livestock judging.

    The Equine Science program maintains and operates a small training and breeding facility at which a limited number of student horses may be boarded. The college's seven-acre horse facility is located 1.5 miles from campus.

  • Career Information

    All career information and statistics listed below are based off of the State of Oregon. For more information go to our Career Coach page.

    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
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    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
  • Linn Benton Community College's Horse Center

    The LBCC Horse Center is located approximately 1.5 miles from the main campus on 53rd avenue. The center is equipped with 30 box stalls, an indoor arena, two hot water wash racks, year round turn out, a modern and well equipped breeding facility, and access to acres of trails. Tours are available with an appointment.

    Boarding is available for students, faculty, and staff of Linn-Benton Community College. There are two options of care:

    • Partial Care: Feed and water twice daily with high quality Eastern Oregon grass hay and alfalfa. Available concentrates are oats, beet pulp, 12% protein wet cob, and Mare and Foal complete feed. Turn out available. $205/month
    • Full Care: Same care as above, plus stall cleaning seven days/week, turn out, and blanketing. $285/month

    Training Class: LBCC accepts 10 horses/year into our training program. First priority given to owners who wish to leave their horses in training from October through June. Full care board applies. Fill out an application today!

  • Linn Benton Community College's Equestrian Team

    The first team meeting is during the second week of classes in the Fall. We will host try-outs during this time. Remember, you must be a full-time student (12 credits or more) to participate on the equestrian team. For more information, contact Jenny Strooband at

    Training Class: LBCC accepts 10 horses/year into our training program. First priority given to owners who wish to leave their horses in training from October through June. Full care board applies. Fill out an application today!

    For more information on the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA), see the national website.

  • Linn Benton Community College's Livestock Judging Team

    Competitive livestock judging is a co-curricular activity that is an integral part of the Animal Science program at LBCC. Students need not be an agriculture major or have any prior judging experience to participate. The benefits extend beyond the learning and applying of current selection criteria. Communication skills, critical thinking, and teamwork are essential personal development characteristics that evolve as a result of the time and effort that is expended. These valuable developmental traits are of great benefit regardless of the future endeavor that a student ultimately selects.

    The opportunity to travel, make industry contacts, and be on the leading edge of change make judging not only a valuable resource, but an enjoyable experience as well. Numerous employers and university faculty consider the judging team experience just as important as the courses a student completes. Program graduates have been placed at numerous universities including Oregon State University, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State University, Chico State, Fresno State, and Texas Tech University.

    For more information, contact Clay Weber at or Rick Klampe at

    LBCC is very proud of the success enjoyed by its judging team members, both in competition and in life. The 2009 team were champions at the North American. In addition, 5 former Judging Team members have been selected as LBCC Outstanding Alumni.

    In recent years, teams have competed at the following contests:

    Nationally Recognized Events

    • Arizone National - Phoenix, AZ
    • National Western - Denver, CO
    • San Antonio Stock Show - San Antonio, TX
    • American Royal - Kansas City, MO
    • North American - Louisville, KY

    Local and Non-eligibility Events

    • AK SAR BEN - Omaha, NE
    • The Cattle Contest - Chico, CA
    • Flint Hills Classic - Manhatten, KS
    • NACTA - Rotates Location
    • NJSA - Turlock, CA
    • Western Fall Classic - Medford, OR

    Click here to donate to the Livestock Judging Team


Rick is a native Oregonian that is a graduate of the LBCC Animal Science program and received his BS and MS from Fresno State University. He started teaching at LBCC in 1988 and also serves as a coach of the livestock judging team. In his spare time, Rick enjoys going to sporting events and raising nationally competitive Polled Dorset breeding sheep.
Rick Klampe
I was born and raised in The Dalles Or., and have lived in the Willamette Valley off and on since 1981. I'm primarily a western Rider, and enjoy changing it up on occasion by riding hunt seat. I came to Linn-Benton Community College as a student in January of 1997 and loved it so much I stayed!
Cindy Gooch
Jenny is an Oregon native who grew up riding horses on the West Coast Hunter/Jumper Circuit. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Lewis & amp; Clark College in Portland, OR, and a Master's Degree from Oregon State University. Jenny is the Faculty Advisor for the LBCC Equestrian Team, and is also the Academic Advisor for the Horse Management, Equine Science, and Pre-Veterinary Science degrees. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys skiing, hiking and mountain biking with her two boys, and of course, riding horses.
Jenny Strooband
Clay moved to Oregon from central California in the fall of 2001 when he started at LBCC. Following high school he attended Modesto Junior College and then transferred to Oklahoma State University, where he earned his Bachelor's Degree. After his time in Oklahoma, he moved back to the west coast and earned his Master's from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and then worked in the feed manufacturing industry for three years. Besides teaching a variety of classes in Agricultural Sciences, Clay is currently the Chair of the department and serves as a coach for the LBCC Livestock Judging Team. Clay enjoys spending time with his wife Dena, watching his boys, Cole and Cade play ball, and raising competitive show lambs.
Clay Weber