Course Challenges


Credit by Examination or Challenge is an opportunity for students to demonstrate the mastery of material covered in college courses.

Who can Challenge a course?
Any LBCC student who is currently enrolled in a credit class or has completed 12 credits at LBCC can earn credit by examination.

What is the cost?
Challenge exams cost 30% of the cost per credit hour for the course. The fee is valid only for the term during which it is paid and is not transferrable to another term.

How are Challenge exams graded?
Most courses are Pass/No Pass, a few are letter grades. Check with the Student Assessment office (541)917-4781 for further information. Passing grades will be put on the student's transcript and become part of their academic record. Non-passing scores are not posted to the student's permanent record.

Can I use the credits toward my course load for financial aid?
No, Challenge credits do not count toward required course loads for financial aid, veterans or international students.

How do I register for a Challenge?
Check with the Student Assessment office for courses that can be challenged.  Then complete an "Add/Drop" form at the Student Assessment office and pay by the end of the second week of the term. After the Challenge has been paid, take the receipt to the Student Assessment office (RCH-111) to start a file. You must complete the exam by the seventh week of the current term. Questions regarding Challenge should be addressed to the Student Assessment office at (541) 917-4781.

Current Challenge Exams (May change without notice):

Medical Terminology I (MO 5.630)